Lenasia Muslim Association (LMA) was founded in 1964 to primarily cater for Islamic education in Lenasia, Lenasia South, Eldorado Park and Zakkariya Park and basic welfare for the less fortunate in Lenasia.  Needy clients from Lenasia are either referred to LMA or make personal applications.  Home visits are conducted to assess need and perform careful screening before assistance is granted.  Collaboration with other welfare organizations occurs to minimize duplication of services.

The needy in our community are assisted through various initiatives: 

  • Monthly welfare support in the form of grocery and meat vouchers to +/- 120 indigent families. These vouchers are redeemed at established stores in Lenasia 
  • Ongoing distribution of goods such as groceries, clothing, shoe, stationery, female hygiene products etc. received through donations 
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial and self-sufficiency skills amongst the indigent by supporting the start of small business initiatives where possible 
  • Providing uniforms and stationery to needy children at the beginning of each year 
  • Distribution of winter packs consisting of basic medicines, blankets and heaters for the winter season. Mask and sanitizer were provided during the Covid-19 pandemic 

The Lenasia Muslim Association has in the past partnered with business on home improvement projects. The home improvement project below in Lehae is one such example. Following careful assessment of living conditions, essential renovations were made to the kitchen, bathroom and exterior of the house

The LMA welfare is managed by a member of staff. Interviews are carried out with the applicants that request welfare assistance. Home visits allow for a thorough investigation into the home circumstance of each applicant . The welfare officer makes recommendations to the responsible Trustee on the type of assistance is to be provided from Zakaat funds. Currently the case load is 110 Monthly the LMA provides a variety of aid packages. This aid can be in the form of grocery voucher , a meat voucher , milk and bread. In Ramadhaan the clients are given a double voucher and in winter either a blanket or warm clothing to see them through the cold months. In addition an allowance in cash is made for the children of welfare cases to buy clothing for Eid-ul-Fitr .

At the start of each school, year the school going learners are provided with School Uniforms and appropriate clothing,

As funds for this portfolio are from Zakaat contributions allocations and expenditure is in strict compliance with Sharia rules on who is eligible for zakaat funds.


These initiatives would not be possible without the generosity of our community.  LMA is grateful for this support and may this partnership prosper to ensure that we can continue to improve the lives of the less fortunate amongst us.

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اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم, Can i Assist You?
اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم, Can i Assist You?